School Principal Letter

Greetings from the Rafa Nadal School,

It is with great excitement that I welcome all of you to RNS.  When you walk through our school facilities for the first time, I hope you will take a moment to fully appreciate the evidence of the good work that has taken place in creating this amazing facility built around a safe and nurturing student centered environment.

RNS aims to provide a complete and successful education for all our students. Rafa has always been loyal to a set of values that have helped him throughout his career, and which he considers essential for both personal and athletic development. Incorporating these values to the educational program has been a priority since the conception of the school project. We want all our pupils to enjoy their time with us, to understand the rewards of service and to develop the required skills to not only succeed in life but lead as valuable members of society.

The RNS school community is very important to us. We strive to develop collaborative working relationships with staff, pupils, parents and the wider school community. We understand the key role they play in creating a school we can be proud of and the impact this has on our students’ education.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to explore our webpage, visit our school, or talk to our school community. We have a wonderful school environment and invite you to be a part of it.

¡Nuestra casa es su casa!


Alexander Marcos Walker

RNS Mission Statement

 “To provide a challenging, student centered international education, built around a set of core values aimed at developing responsible global citizens who are respectful, independent and critical thinkers.”

About us

It's been seven years since the Rafa Nadal School opened its doors in Manacor. During this time, the school has been establishing its reputation as one of the leading international educational centers in the Balearic Islands, encompassing primary, secondary, and early childhood education. Its Anglo-American curriculum, the expertise of its teaching team, and its expansive campus located at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar are the cornerstones of a project that continues to grow year by year.

Executive team

Alexander Marcos Walker


M. Eng. Imperial College, London

MBA IESE Business School

Over 20 years international experience in Strategic Consulting, Sports Management and Educational Leadership

Aurora Vicens Joglar

Academic Principal Secondary / STEM

B.A. in Physics and Maths – BRYN MAWR College, Pennsylvania

MS and PhD in Nuclear Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

An international career spanning over 4 decades leading and teaching STEM related subjects specialising in Physics across various curriculums including IBDP

Natalie Alcover

Head of Primary

B.Ed. Honours with commendation. Distinction in teaching. St Andrews, Glasgow University, Scotland.

36 year career in education, dedicated to leading schools

Jose Fernández

Vice Academic Principal and College Counselor

Bachelor in Int. Business Admin.University of Wisconsin

Masters Degree in Science of Education. Quincy University. Illinois

Over 18 yrs international teaching experience in business related subjects and College Counselling

Luis Vila

Head of Spanish Dpt.

Hispanic Philology. University Extremadura

Degree in Linguistics. University of Leon

Over 20 yrs teaching experience in Spanish Literature and Language and over a decade leading Spanish Departments

Tarun Banzal

Head of Maths

Bachelor of Technology. Dehradun Institute of Technology. India

PD in Signal Processing. University of Edinburgh

Over a decade of Math teaching and industry experience specialising in Computer Science and Communications

Our vision

RNS aims to provide a complete and successful education for all our students. Our students will fulfil their individual potential in our caring, challenging and enlightened academic, social and emotional education.

We will always strive to achieve the highest standards of attainment informed by an ethos that values the whole person, including the emotional and life skills development. The child is loved for himself and the important part he/she plays in the school whether academically, artistically, in the sports arena, as a personality or as a combination of all four.

All students at RNS are encouraged to develop a selflessness which will allow them to thrive as valuable members of society. We want all pupils to enjoy their time at the RNS, to understand the rewards of service and to develop the resilience and confidence which will allow them to excel throughout their adult life.


RNS offers a challenging and personalized educational program which is accredited by the Spanish (as an international educational center based in Spain), British and American systems. We have designed a curriculum based on the British System for Primary and the American Educational System and the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) for Secondary.

Our progressive academic curriculum, high-quality teaching and excellent facilities support every pupil’s learning journey throughout the school.


RNS Primary curriculum delivers a programme of studies based, on the English national curriculum, Early Years Foundation Stage and the Spanish national curriculum. We aim to provide a learning environment that will broaden and enhance children´s development across a wide range of subjects. Pupils will have specialist teachers for Spanish, Catalan, social studies, swimming (from KS1) and P.E. For each of the first two terms, children from Years 2 to 6 sit a series of practice SATs (Standardised Achievement Tests), to help assess and monitor their progress. During the final term, pupils from Years 1 to 6 will sit the end-of-year SATs. Children sit tests on a regular basis in order to track their progress.


RNS Secondary curriculum is based on the AERO standards, a project supported by the U.S. State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools and specifically designed for American-sponsored schools outside of the United States of America. By basing our curriculum on the AERO standards, we ensure that our academic objectives are in-line with the American standards. 

Another essential part of progressive education is language learning. Apart from our classes in Spanish and Catalan, all the courses are taught in English. We also support the needs of English learners by offering supplementary courses of English as an Additional Language. Apart from the curriculum, our students use modern educational technology in the classrooms, which we see as essential preparation for the ever-increasing importance of technological literacy. Classroom learning is complemented by a variety of academic societies and clubs, as well as our ever-popular field trips that engender a wider, outward focus.

RNS also works closely with the Rafa Nadal Foundation. Students’ learning is values-based and students have the opportunity to employ all they have learned by for example carrying out community-service projects with the Rafa Nadal Foundation or supporting and leading other projects which are charitable in nature. While we can boast first-class academic achievements, the academic success and personal development of all pupils, at all levels, give us the greatest sense of fulfillment and reward.

School life

At RNS, we do our best to ensure each student is enthusiastic, encouraged and looked after both in the classroom and out of it.

Pastoral care

In RNS, we do our best to safeguard and promote the welfare of our students in order to develop their full potential and to provide them with a safe and caring environment. We are very conscious that our pastoral care should be in line with our ethos, where respect should be shown to all; teacher to pupil, pupil to teacher as well as pupil to pupil and to the wider community. All our students have an assigned tutor whom they meet regularly to discuss academic and pastoral issues. Also, students in older grades will be mentoring younger students and newcomers, that way everyone feels welcome and supported.


At RNS we very much welcome the contribution of our parents in helping to create together the community we envisage and work together to help each child reach their potential. The suggestions, comments and support of the parents are encouraged. To ensure an effective flow of information between the school and the parents, we have many channels of communication in place.

Welcome morning for the parents: At the beginning of each school year, we invite all parents to a presentation. Parents have the opportunity of meeting their child’s teachers and are given an outline of the year ahead

Parent-teacher meetings are held three times a year. Parents and teachers arrange appointments throughout the year.

RNS also takes advantage of the latest technological developments to enable parents to access their child’s progress remotely as well as contacting the teachers directly on email.


Rafa Nadal School is an authorized Angloamerican overseas school in Spain by the Government of the Balearics and the Ministry of Education and has a code centre number. In addition:

  • RNS Primary is a fully authorised and accredited british school by National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS), the authorised inspectorate of the British Council in Spain. Only schools which have successfully passed an inspection by an authorised inspectorate are able to be accredited. British Council ensures that all of their authorised schools undergo the required inspections by Department for Education approved Inspectorates allowing them to provide guarantee to parents and Spanish authorities that British standards of quality are met. 
  • RNS Secondary is accredited by the Middle States Association (MSA), one of the six regional accreditation organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education. MSA currently awards accreditation to more than 3.500 schools and to member institutions in more than 85 countries around the world. Please visit for more information.


All our Spanish students at the Rafa Nadal School finish with a double degree, the American High School Diploma and the Spanish Baccalaureate Degree (necessary to access Spanish universities).

Therefore, when Spanish students are enrolling they must provide the required documentation.

Contact us

RNS is at your disposal to help resolve any questions you may have. Please contact us by completing the following form.

In addition, we are open on school days from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Crta. Cales de Mallorca s/n km 1.2, 07500, Manacor, Mallorca

Rafa Nadal School 2024 © All rights reserved

Just a year ago, Rafa Nadal delivered heartfelt words during the graduation ceremony of the sixth class of Rafa Nadal School, words that left a lasting impression on all the students: “I know that instant gratification is in vogue now and that patience isn’t a highly valued virtue. When we want something, all we need to do is grab our mobile phones and make a purchase, read news, or access the information we need. But today, I’d like to remind you that great life goals aren’t achieved overnight. They are achieved through fighting, struggling, and learning from setbacks.” These words are part of the DNA of an educational institution that embodies the values of one of the greatest athletes in history.

The educational offerings of Rafa Nadal School have been designed through a distinct program that prepares all students on both personal and professional levels by developing the intellectual, emotional, and social skills necessary to make a positive impact in their respective communities. “We have an incredibly diverse student community with over 47 nationalities, which has contributed to creating a highly enriching cultural and social atmosphere. Furthermore, the extensive experience of the faculty in American and British schools fosters an environment full of opportunities to understand and grow in the global world we face,” highlights its Director, Alexander Marcos Walker.

While the objective of any school is to ensure the academic present of its students, one of Rafa Nadal School’s essential goals is to also concern itself with the future of its students from an early age. The Director expresses this: “We have a professional guidance counselor who is dedicated 100% to helping all students understand their passions and guiding them toward their university futures. We are very proud that all the students who have graduated here, whether tennis players or not, have been able to choose the university destinations they aspired to.”

Over the last year and a half, the expansion and enhancement of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar facilities have also facilitated the growth of the School Campus. Thanks to this expansion, at the start of the 2023/2024 academic year, Rafa Nadal School students will have access to more classrooms, new recreational spaces, ample recreational and sports areas, and state-of-the-art facilities situated in a campus that very few academic institutions can match. The campus boasts extensive open-air spaces, a covered swimming pool, over 40 tennis courts, a football field, a multipurpose court, and a new beach volleyball court that allows students to engage in numerous extracurricular activities within the campus itself. “In addition to the new classrooms, this year we are particularly excited to inaugurate a new auditorium, which will become a central point for hosting major events of Rafa Nadal School,” notes the school’s director, Alexander Marcos Walker, who also highlights the profound digitization of the entire school thanks to the installation of the necessary technology to enable hybrid classrooms, allowing students to attend classes live in case they couldn’t be physically present (something that particularly affects tennis players who need to travel for tournaments).

However, what sets the school apart are not just its facilities, but the values and DNA of its founder, Rafa Nadal, who serves as a constant example of effort, hard work, humility, sacrifice, and overcoming challenges for all students, teachers, and families. Rafa has been deeply involved in the educational project from the beginning and has now become a role model both on the courts and in the classrooms.

The school day is very full –  lessons, sports, hobbies, co-curricular activities, excursions, conferences, environmental issues, fundraising etc. At RNS, something is going on all the time and all our students are involved in many different areas that keep them busy, make them happy and not least important having fun. We believe that happy students make for successful students.

At RNS, there are cultural and educational trips organized throughout the school year. These trips are based on the topic being studied in lessons and reinforce their learning. The excursions vary with each year group and include trips to museums, farms, local industries, historical monuments, theatres and nature reserves.

Students are assigned a classroom called the homeroom in which they meet daily. These assemblies allow the teacher the chance to not only give messages and announcements to all the students and record attendance but more importantly, follow individually on students’ progress and address pastoral duties so the student is cared for. In addition, various themes are addressed and vary throughout the year and include issues such as sharing, social responsibility, recycling, inclusion, bullying, etc. This assembly time forms an integral part of our pastoral care. Students may also have the opportunity to take turns to direct the assembly in a topic in which they have a special interest in. They may also show some of their work, present a short play or report back to the other grades on a recent excursion.

Somos muy conscientes de que la filosofía educativa debe transmitirse de forma ejemplar mostrando respeto a todos incluyendo profesor a alumno, alumno a profesor, así como alumno a alumno y a la comunidad en general.

Todos nuestros estudiantes tienen un tutor profesor asignado con quien se reúnen regularmente durante “homeroom” para discutir temas académicos y pastorales. Además, los estudiantes en los grados superiores lideran con el ejemplo y tienen la oportunidad de ser mentores para los estudiantes más jóvenes y los recién llegados, de esa manera todos se sentirán bienvenidos y apoyados.

  • Provide the original academic transcripts
  • Students who come from Spanish centers with a foreign educational system must present a transcript in Spanish with an official translation. This certificate must be signed by the technical director of the center and with the seal of the Education Inspectorate.
  • The United States grade certificates must be legalized with the Hague Convention Apostall (apostilled document) and the official translation.
  • To homologate with a Spanish degree there can be no change in the educational system during the same school year, that is, a student who comes from the Spanish system in January (with the first approved evaluation) and does the second semester with us will not be able to obtain the Spanish degree (ESO and Baccalaureate). The only option to convalidate is to repeat the entire course the following year. Of course, you will not have problems obtaining the American High School Diploma.
  • Only the entire approved course can be convalidated, each one of the semesters of all the enrolled subjects.
  • Classes have to be face-to-face and students cannot skip any of the courses.
  • In addition to the subjects mentioned, since the center is in the Balearic Islands, students have to study Spanish language and culture, Catalan language and literature and culture of the Balearic Islands (Social Sciences). These subjects are compulsory up to grade 10, the grade set by the E.S.O. (Compulsory Secondary Education).

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